Riverdale Chapter 12: Anatomy of a Killer

Ohmygod I called it! My guess was right!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an identified killer on our hands. The motive however is still unclear.

They threw so much stuff at us this episode I don’t know where to start other than a play by play of the episode.

So FP is in jail. Jughead is trying to skip town to Toledo where his mom and sister live; only when he calls to notify his mother that he’s coming does he get a no in response. So he buys a ticket for the first bus out of Riverdale in the morning then heads to Pop’s, the only 24 hour place in all of the town.

Flash over to Betty, who has stopped looking for Jughead but decided to go out and search one more time with best friend Archie. Betty, Archie, and Veronica find Jughead and tell him that FP is innocent.

The next day,  one thing leads to another and Hakeem, Kevin’s serpent boyfriend, tells them how me meet FP on July 11th for a cleanup job. He walked in to find a dead Jason shot in the head; he asked no questions but just assumed that it was FP’s doing. Only one other Serpent knew so with Hakeem’s help Kevin, Veronica, and Archie visits the Serpents’ home only to find him dead in the shower with a needle still in his arm.

On the other side of town, the Blossoms are relaxing at home only to be interrupted by loud pounding on the door. Its the Coopers coming for Polly; the Blossoms and the Coopers are related by blood so Jason and Polly being together can be considered incest technically but the are 3rd cousins (Fun fact: prior to the 1920’s that was considered removed enough for marriage).

Back on the south-side of the tracks, Hakeem skips town but before he leaves he tells Kevin about Jason’s Letterman jacket. The team then goes to retrieve the jacket. We then find out that there is a zip drive stashed away in the jacket. Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Kevin watch a video; Betty calls Cheryl with a warning, then the gang turns the video over to the police.

FP is innocent and it is revealed that Jason’s killer is none other than Jason’s father. The video shows him taking the ring, saying words, then shooting Jason execution style and walking away.

The police storm the Blossom’s property to find Cheryl’s father hanging in the Blossom’s maple barn.

There are literally so many questions unanswered. Why did he kill his own son? It’s not about the incest, or Polly would be dead too. What was it that Jason wouldn’t do? What is he hiding he killed not only his son but himself too?

I need answers people. Give them to me please?

Also sidenote, Archie and Veronica are getting real cozy in this episode. I love Betty so I root for her and anyone she is interested in. She likes Jughead so yay! But if she flips on me and wants Archie then yay Archie and Betty. Also this is the first time Betty and Archie text each other since Archie said he wasn’t good enough to be with her in the first episode so that was nice.


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