The Once and Future Flash

If there is one show I watch religiously every week it is the CW’s The Flash. I started last March/April during the first month I had Hulu and The Flash still had a contract with Hulu. I watched all of season one and caught up through episode 16 of season two in less than a week. Since then, I watch the Flash every Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning On Demand if I work late on Tuesday).

I always watch a show through episode 3; most T.V. shows Pilot episode is slow-moving due to the introductions of main characters and the shows’ central and sub-plots. The second episode is normally when things get going and where I can become hooked. If I’m not hooked by the second episode, I give it one last chance and watch the third episode; If that doesn’t do it then it’s not the show for me.

This is the first time that Barry travels to the future on purpose; its a slippery slope because he has to propel himself forward far enough to get answers without going too far. Its befitting that he traveled to February 3, 2024 because the article they keep referring back to (the one that was first written by Iris West-Allen then another person after flashpoint) about the flash’s disappearance on April 25, 2024. I have a feeling this is going to be important by the end of the season. *OMG this episode aired on April 25, 2017! What are they trying to tell us!

We see that 2024 Barry is broken, damaged, suffering, and can’t move forward from the past. Current Barry is led by his bestie in all times, the one and only Cisco Ramon. Cisco shows Current Barry where everyone ended up Post-Iris; and still the person suffering a fate worse than death is none other than Wally West. Wally has been paralyzed and catatonic since the day he faced off with Savitar and found out Savitar’s identity.

Joe and Barry haven’t talked since right after Iris’ death.

Julian is also frozen in his own personal hell of caring for his love Caitlin/Killer Frost, the one that will never come back.

HR is sleeping around more than ever before (Do you HR, do you).

Cisco lost his hands in a duel with Killer Frost; no hands, no powers. This hasn’t stopped his hope for a better today/tomorrow though.

So Current Barry gets no answers from 2024 Barry and tries to run back in time but can’t. Cisco discloses that he made it so Current Barry couldn’t go back because 2024 Central City needs Current Barry’s help. Barry doesn’t want to help but ultimately agrees because Current Barry is complex, dark and pained, yet full of positive vibes and a true sense of justice; and above it all he is full of youthful optimism. He gets the team back together and with the help of 2024 Barry, they all save a bad guy for the first time in 7 years. Central City is happy and hopeful to see the Flash again and so are 2024 Barry’s friends.

2024 Barry gives Current Barry a clue of how to stop Savitar and Current Barry travels back to the present. His aim was so precise that no one knew he had even left.  Since Killer Frost is working with Savitar they vow to find her and the scientist who makes the technology to defeat Savitar 4 years after Iris dies to see if a prototype is in the works.

So lets get to work Team Flash. Iris and all your futures are on the line.

4.3/ 5 stars

* A Revision Was Made to the Original Piece Article


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