Shameless: Mid Season 1 Reaction and Review

Hello Viewies! I know it’s been a couple of days since my last post but I’m working on some books and albums to review for y’all right now but I’m back for my Shameless reaction and review!

I’m doing a mid season review instead of a play by play because I can see me being caught up a week from now; I plan on binge-watching this show and to be honest I can’t give you a 300-400 word review of every episode because that interrupts my binge-ing. But I am happy to check in with you every few episodes.

So Shameless is a t.v. show on Showtime that is about the life to the Gallaghers; alcoholic dad Frank, stand-in mom daughter Fiona, smart/ass Lip, closeted Ian, lonely Debbie, killer Carl, and baby Liam. Then there’s Veronica and Kevin (Van from Reba!), the Gallagher’s next door neighbors and besties to Fiona. Then there’s Steve, Fiona’s Fukboi/boyfriend/nolabels dude, and to round everyone off is Shelia, Karen’s mother (Lip’s girlfriend) who is an agoraphobic germophobe

I cannot begin to tell you how funny this show is, but I’m going to try. It’s set in Chicago and the Gallaghers move a mile a minute. I love the older three Gallaghers but it’s season one so they’re the main focus right now since they’re young adults trying to provide for their younger siblings in this parentless world they occupy (so many they’re/eir-s).

Fiona works hard to be the mom of this family and she honestly has such a great support system; when their dad is drunk, the cops just bring him home. When the power shuts off, the electric guy tells Fiona to just call him when she turns the money in later that day and he’ll swing by to turn it back on. When anything is broken in their house, Veronica lets them borrow hers and Kevin’s, much to his annoyance. When their water heater is done, a dead neighbors’ extended family gives them the dead guy’s old one.

Lip makes money for the family by writing papers, doing projects, tutoring, and taking the SAT’s for people in his high school on top of doing all of his own stuff and having a life with his girlfriend and his family. Ian is in JROTC and works at a corner store for a guy he is also sleeping with (who has a wife and a family but stays in the closet to raise his kids). Ian also has a fake girlfriend named Mandy to keep people from being suspicious of him.

Steve has a lot of money and gifts a lot of stuff to Fiona to make things less hard for her like a new washing machine, a new van (or he tried to which she vehemently rejected), gas money, food, etc. We find out in the first episode it’s from him selling stolen high in cars that he steals himself. I think that while he may do that, he must have some money to start with since you have to have some money or be taught/act a certain way to even be let around those high in cars in the first place. Like I could walk in there and they would say NEXT and I’m middle class so. 

In one episode Debbie steals a baby. In one episode, Fiona borrows an old person to pretend to be their dead Aunt whose social security checks Frank has been fraudulently cashing for 12 years. One episode has Veronica and Kevin getting faked married for a check that turned out to be less than par. One episode has Fiona sleeping with Tony (the cop) to get back at Steven only to find out that he was a virgin.

And in the latest episode I watched, Frank pretends to be Karen’s dad when his real children needed him to show up to Parent Night. Which, by the way, was a very fucked-up thing for him to do. I also kinda want to blame Karen but Lip told her the Gallaghers never show up to things like this and she didn’t know about Carl’s situation and with parents like hers, having someone there really meant a lot to her. But Frank knew and didn’t show up, he’s such a bitch but you don’t bite the hand that feeds you (or in this case feeds your alcoholism and provides you with shelter free of charge (actually not really free since Sheila likes to stick monster dildos up his ass as a dominatrix every-night lol) and clean clothes/ home).

Overall I’m 100% entertained and plan on watching every episode if it stays this good. I was hooked on the first episode, I didn’t have to give it a chance or wait it out for two more episodes to get really good. When the intro comes on I jam out cause it means the Gallaghers are about to fuck some more shit up and I’m so ready for that!

This rating will be my overall rating of the show so far.

4.75/5 stars

Sorry Mom for all the cussing and Viewies you know what’s good; follow, like, subscribe, the whole damn 9.


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