Deanna’s Update

Hey Viewies!

I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for not making this blog a priority this past month. And I also wanted to thank you for tuning in everyday to see if I posted or not. For the past 5 weeks I’ve worked 60+ hours per week, am a part time student, headed a Halloween event, and had the damnedest time getting to Portland and also had a blast while in Portland. But I’ve caught up on my sleep and my shows to share with all of you!

Goddamn I can’t wait for yall to read my synopsis of The Flash (!!!!!!!!!!), Designated Survivor, Riverdale, American Housewife, Bob’s Burgers, Stranger Things (!!!!), American Horror Story, and I’m going to try and catch up with the Arrow, Supergirl (eh), and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so I can include them in my reviews. People have been tweeting me to watch Ozark, The 100, and Big Mouth so I’ll add them to my watch list as well. (And don’t think I forgot about The Magicians because I did not, I just have put it temporarily on the back-burner since the new season comes out sometime next year and the same goes with Archer). I also got some reviews coming for you about places in Portland and 2 new book reviews as well!

I’ll be posting a few times today and catching up with my posts this week as well. I have tomorrow off and will be writing all day but I’ll only schedule 2 a day to come out so as to not bombard you with all my feelings. If you hang in there with me you will not be disappointed!


Gossip Girl I mean Deanna

(just in case you were wondering who that is in the picture, its me lol)


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