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Let’s Talk: Deanna’s Update

There are so many shows I’m excited for and I’m almost done compiling a mini what-to-watch-when calendar for y’all to watch TV along with me! I’ll also be . . . Continue reading Let’s Talk: Deanna’s Update


I Give It a Year (2013)

Newlyweds Nat and Josh find themselves in a marriage that’s crumbling apart once the honeymoon is over after meeting only seven months before the marriage began. Everyone is gambling they won’t make it a year; will they prove everyone wrong?  Continue reading I Give It a Year (2013)

Butter (2011)

Destiny is a black foster care child placed in the hands of a white family. While visiting the Iowa state fair, she happens across a butter sculpture station and skillfully finishes a cup, something that impresses Bob Pickler. Pickler is the 15 year reigning champ of butter sculpture and has created a legacy for him and his family. But when the board asks him to tap out of the competition next year to encourage others to participate once more, no one is more upset than Laura Pickler. Laura decides to compete instead but when her legacy is called into question, Laura will stop at nothing to win against a 10 year old black foster care child.  Continue reading Butter (2011)