Let’s Talk: Deanna’s Update

Viewies, what is good!!!!????!!!

It has been a long 2 months and I’m sorry for leaving you in the dust. I know I have quite a few people who check-in every so often and have come up dry. I wanted to let you know where I’m at in my life and what I’m doing with this blog from there.

I haven’t had a day off since mid-July, I now have two jobs and run from one to another. On a day with only one job is a relax day. I also am a part-time university student so I normally go 5-1 at one job and 2-6:30 at another then get home at 7 and do homework and assignments til 10-10:30 at night, pour a glass of wine and watch an episode of Golden Girls or That 70’s show then do it all over again. But I’m finally adjusted to my schedule!! And just in time for Fall 2017 TV!!

There are so many shows I’m excited for and I’m almost done compiling a mini what-to-watch-when calendar for y’all to watch TV along with me! I’ll also be live tweeting during the shows that I watch if you want to join in and talk to me and share your thoughts and opinions with me on the shows!

Every day over the next few weeks I’ll be posting new material that recap the season of multiple TV shows. Don’t want to watch/re-watch the show before the season starts? No need to, I did it so take 7-10 minutes to read a recap and go about your day!

There are also some majorly awesome movies coming out in the movie theatres as well! Flatliners is being remade and I will be going to see it. Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Thor Rangkok, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, and Jumanji just to name a few. ┬áThose reviews will be here too! I’m also taking a trip to Portland next month and Reviews from shops and breweries and cafes will be coming from there too!

Stay Excited! I know I am!

~~~xoxo Deanna ~~~



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