In Bed with the Enemy

The King is immediately at odds with the Princess because she is no novice and was taught to never bow, especially to someone unworthy of the throne. He flexes his muscles by asking her and and her younger sister (someone of competition) Cecily to dance for him. Continue reading In Bed with the Enemy

Designated Survivor: Bombshell

I myself was wondering why in the hell wasn’t she screaming or banging on the walls of the cargo carrier if she could hear them making all this noise? I was like “you are gonna get everyone killed by not shouting out ‘stop, there’s a bomb in here!'” Continue reading Designated Survivor: Bombshell

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The Once and Future Flash

We see that 2024 Barry is broken, damaged, suffering, and can’t move forward from the past. Current Barry is led by his bestie in all times, the one and only Cisco Ramon. Continue reading The Once and Future Flash