Supergirl Pilot 1:1

Good afternoon Viewies!

I’ve decided to start watching the rest of the DC TV shows on the CW since I love The Flash. The reason why I haven’t watched Supergirl yet is because someone told me that it’s too light and fluffy. When it comes to the main three (Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow), Arrow is really freaking dark; every episode is heavy and dense and dark. I would know since I started watching that before The Flash. And I’ve heard that Supergirl is like the exact opposite of that.

But never fear, that is all about to change!

So Pilot: pretty good; definitely enough to get me to watch the next episode. I know the basics of superman’s story to get the references to him in comparison to hers. My first thought was that Chrysler Leigh was in this, how cool; now I know where Lexi went! (If you don’t know who Chrysler Leigh is, do you even Grey’s?) I thought it was pretty cool that the way supergirl unveils herself is the same way that superman unveiled himself; by saving a plane.

I’ve always found it really weird how no one could tell Clark Kent, and now Kara Danvers, was superman/supergirl when they don’t wear masks. All these two do is wear normal clothes and put on non prescription glasses and no one sees any similarity?

Also, since Supergirl and Superman are on a different Earth (if you watch the Flash, you know Kara is from Earth 38) that means that Batman is from Earth 38 too then since Batman vs. Superman is a thing? Are some people on different Earths the same since Amanda Waller kept the suicide squad on earth 1 but if Batman is from Earth 38, than so are the Joker and Harley Quinn (and Poison Ivy for that matter). This had nothing to do with the Pilot but if you know any of the answers to these questions, drop a comment.

So Kara saves a plane from going down with her adoptive sister on board and exposes herself to the world. After repressing her abilities for years, she is so happy to be out of the closet so-to-speak and refuses to go back in, even though her sister Alex tells her to do just that. So Kara goes back to fetching coffee and being her boss’s punching bag until duty calls and she saves the day like a rookie.

When the pod carrying her escaped the phantom zone, so did the ship with the worst of the worst prisoners of all planets; they’ve been in hiding for 11 years and started showing up the past year. We find out at the very end of the first episode that the person leading the rebellion charge is Kara’s Aunt; her mother’s evil twin sister.

All in all, the pilot episode was enough to get me to watch the next episode.

3.8/ 5 stars


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