Stronger Together SG 1:2

It’s been a week since Supergirl exposed herself to the world. Since she finally feels free and wants to explore her powers, she jumps the gun when it comes to both controlling her powers and what type of good deeds she can accomplish at this point in her training. It’s hard for her since she knows how good she can be since her cousin, Superman, has the same powers as her but he has training and experience under his belt. It also doesn’t help that she feels like she is competing against him since everyone keeps comparing her to Superman.

This week opens with reporters criticizing her for landing the plane in the water; while she saved lives, engineers are working around the clock to figure out how to remove the plane. On top of that, Supergirl tried to stop a massive explosion from happening but caused an oil spill in the process.

Her sister and the head DEO commander are trying to train Supergirl, but she is not listening since she is relying on her virtual indestructibility and natural talent rather than combat skills and experience. To train, they put Supergirl and her sister Alex in a kryptonite infused boxing ring. It’s krypton is only turned up to 18% to weaken Supergirl. Alex easily beats her since she has extensive battling skills. While Supergirl may be impervious to humans, she is not to other Aliens and needs to train in a place where she can feel pain.

This does not bode well with Supergirl and she storms out like a teenager. Kara returns to work and deceptively asks her boss what to do. She tells Kara that her advice for Supergirl would be to start small and work her way up like normal people with jobs do. Kara takes that advice to heart and does just that with the help of her Super Friends!.

While Kara is going around saving snakes from trees, Alex is captured by and Alien insect to trap Supergirl there. Kara shows up (of course that’s her sister!) only to find out that . . .


Her Aunt is ALIVE BISH! For a second, I thought she would think it was her mom because I sure did when I first saw her. But no, she knew it was her Aunt, but she was stunned all the same since this bish was thought to be dead. They exchange words and have an epic fight scene the would have been better if you couldn’t blatantly tell they were on ropes (2nd episode, I get it dang). DEO commander and his lackies come rushing in to save Alex but Auntie Dearist gets to him first. She doesn’t now that he knows their weakness; kryptonite.

HE STABS HER IN THE LEG WITH A KRYPTONITE-INFUSED BLADE and she feels pain for the first time in a long time I presume. Auntie Dearist flys away and has to rethink her take-over-the-world plan since humans have weapons that hurt them.

We also see that DEO dude has red eyes so like my first question is how long has he been working at the DEO cause if it was 12 years or less, he just might be and Alien in disguise. I don’t know who discovered kryptonite hurts the Supers on earth or if someone told them but if he’s an Alien, he might of already knew about it.

Overall, good follow up episode, just enough to watch the third one. You know me, if I don’t love it by episode three, I’m out so lets see what happens next.

3.7/5 stars    

Sorry Mom for all the cussing and Viewies you know what’s good; follow, like, subscribe, the whole damn 9.


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