Designated Survivor: Brace for Impact

I hate season finales. I really do. I just can’t.

Viewies, I cannot explain to you how annoyed I am that I have to wait over two months for the next episode. I will say that this episode was one of the best of the season, as a season finale should be.

We start off with the badass Agent Wells dealing with a car bomb going off in less than 3 minutes. FBI is there saying “STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR” but Wells ain’t got time for that. She threatens them to make them leave her alone, climbs over the bomb, and drives out of the load bearing beam of a parking garage.

She’s swerving left and right through traffic screaming for cars to get out of the way while bypassing 100 mph and racing against a bomb.

My thought was where can she drive this to? It’s D.C. a freaking city; there is no place where a blast could go off in less than three minutes and no one get hurt. . . except water. I was like she better be close to water otherwise its bye to Agent Wells. But she was.

Now Viewies, I don’t know if you know this but the Maggie Q (Agent Wells) had her own show that ended a few years back called Nikita on The CW. She played a badass then and she plays a badass now.

Lower level FBI agents try to hold her but with one call from the White House, Wells is released and briefs President Kirkman on everything she has learned. Patrick Lloyd and Lozano need to be brought in so the big guns come out. They go after Lloyd but show up to an empty house since the traitor in the White House tipped him off. He escaped underground El Chapo style.

Lozano is somehow escaping the FBI left and right. With the help of the Traitor, Lozano gains access to the Pentagon where he finds a secluded section to steal some type of information. His is also scrambling security while he does it so he can get out unseen.

Agent Wells spots Lozano leaving the pentagon and engages in a mini chase. He tries to shake her but ends up crashing instead. Agent Wells pursues him on foot into a house under construction where the hand to hand combat starts. Side-note: Anytime a fight scene goes into a house under construction someone is dying, period. You just hope its the bad guy and not the good one. I’ll give you one guess who dies.

Back at the White House Annoying Reporter #1 is back at it again with the damaging stories; instead of a comment, he got a sit down conversation with the President himself. Kirkman convinces the reporter to hold his story until his investigation is complete.

Aaron’s Back! The President needs his help again finding out who the traitor is. I find it interesting that Aaron, the former chief of staff, knows more about what is going on in the White House than Emily, the current chief of staff. But he does and finds the traitor for the President. This prompts Kirkman to ask Aaron what his plans are and demands he stays at the White House because, as we all know, Aaron really is needed at the White House.

While all of this other stuff is going on, we find out that Jason Atwood really is dead (I still haven’t been convinced though). But before he died he sent an email with the traitor’s face and audio between him and Lloyd.

Finally Kirkman addresses the nation among all the rumors and whispers as to what is going on in the White House and damn, he did more than bring the house down, he brought the nation down. I high-key stood and clapped at the end of his speech, I was so moved as the viewer. I was low-key scared that something bad was going to happen but it didn’t. . . until 10 seconds after his speech ended.

We find out that Patrick Lloyd has all the information of America and can move around the world without being found because he controls all the American information. He can also sell it off in pieces to the highest bidders around the world.

Queue dramatic music.

Run credits.

All in all, great season finale. I will be tuning in for the next season starting fall 2017. I will be posting a separate analysis of the entire season instead of my thoughts on just episodes.

4.75/5 stars 

Sorry Mom for all the cussing and Viewies you know what’s good; follow, like, subscribe, the whole damn 9.


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