Oh my goodness Viewies,

Real quick synopsis: Venus (Emma Roberts) is a senior in high school who is a wallflower with a trust fund, head cheerleader of a best friend and a mother in denial. When an interaction with her crush goes wrong, her bestie tells her to be a player and not a watcher, implying that she is scared to live her life and watching it pass her by. So she storms off to do just that. She joins the game Nerve as a player and innocent dares turn sinister as anonymous watchers dare her and her mate Ian to do things from the unimaginable to the unthinkable.

So this movie is good; better than ok but not great. You have to stick through the first 25 minutes for it to get better; as the stakes are raised the more interested and invested I became. It’s real cute when you see her coming out of her shell and completing small dares.

I’m not sure why this movie isn’t great to me; it has A- stars in it, the acting was pretty good, and the concept itself is brilliantly dark especially in relation to the technological age we live in today. I just think the execution or maybe the way it was shot didn’t work in its’ favor.

I will say that the previews for this movie did not hype the movie up to what it could have been. You know those movies where all the best parts are put in the previews; that is not this movie. Honestly one of the more boring parts was put in the previews. I think flashing in the part where they run through the store naked would have been funny.

The one thing I really liked about this movie is that they keep the teen friends friends by the end of the movie. Oftentimes, when a wallflower comes out of their shell in movies, they have to shed their old friends since their outgoing friends can’t stand not being the only out-spoken one. That is not how life always works and I’m glad they kept that friendship intact.

This movie speaks on the concept of anonymity and how easy it is to bully or hide behind a screen with a fake name and start shit, shit you may not even agree with but you do it just because you can. At the end, a life ends* because of this and no one cared until their names were exposed. Being a prisoner of the game, of the internet, especially the dark web can lead to some deep shit, something you may never be able to escape from.

If you want a movie to watch and then think about or bring up during deep discussion, this is a good one. Also if you are doing a research paper or essay relating to this topic, I’d say this is a good one to site.

*= I know what really happens but since I don’t want you to know, I’ve omitted or misled you about what may have happened.

Sorry Mom for all the cussing and Viewies you know what’s good; follow, like, subscribe, the whole damn 9.

3.4/5 stars


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