In Bed with the Enemy

The White Princess.

A Historical Fiction.

Let’s Go.

If there are only two things you remember about English history is this; Queen Elizabeth and the fight between the House of Tudor and the House of York. This show happens to be about the latter.

The White Princess refers to Princess Lizzy, House of York. The House of York’s color was white and the Tudors were red.

The show starts off with the Tudors defeating the Yorks in a battle and the new king, King Henry VII summoning the Princess and her family; her family however is harboring her brother, heir to the throne in hopes that he will take the crown again one day. He hides and they are taken to Westminster.

The King is immediately at odds with the Princess because she is no novice and was taught to never bow, especially to someone unworthy of the throne. He flexes his muscles by asking her and and her younger sister (someone of competition) Cecily to dance for him. He requires her to later show up to his bed chambers sans chaperone.

Lizzy goes have dinner with King Henry and all goes wrong when she says she loved the one that King Henry VII killed. He called her a whore and told her he should treat her as such. He then grabs her and takes her to his chambers; he tries to rape Lizzy but Lizzy is no virgin and both know it. She turns the tables on him and throws her experience and sexuality into his novice face.

While the sex is uninvited she uses it as a power maneuver on him; this is the moment we will look back on as where everything went to shit and how it was doomed from the start or how everything turns out victorious since it is fiction afterall.

This sexual act leads to Lizzy becoming pregnant with a baby with both York and Tudor blood. She vows to hate him and defy her “humble and penitent” motto.

The King has his official coronation and later Lizzy and King Henry VII are wed. In the bed chambers they do not have sex; King Henry cuts Lizzy’s ankle with a dagger so she can smear blood on the bed sheets to protect her reputation.

Sidenote: her sister is a traitor, she is faithful to the king because of her lustful eyes to him. She cares not for her family if it means she can be Queen. She is the Judas of characters in this show and will betray them the first chance she gets so the York need to watch out cause while blood is thicker than water, it ain’t better than power, especially to those who want it bad enough.

Like I always say I hate pilots because its so slow but it’s interesting enough to get me to watch episode 2.

3.8/5 stars 

“‘Humble and Penitent’ be damned. ‘Hidden and Patient’ that will be my motto”



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