The Flash: Cause and Effect

This week’s episode can be summed up in one statement;

It always comes back to Iris.

(There are a lot of Barrys’ at this point so a key will be added at the bottom so you can keep track and keep up with everything)

This was one hell of a break for viewers before we get into the last to weeks on intensity before the massive cliffhanger they always leave us on. This season has been filled with so much stress and darkness that the characters and viewers needed a breath of fresh air followed by us losing it to laughter.

Firstly kudos to Grant Gustin who played 3 completely different Barrys (?) in this episode; FF (future flash), Barry Allen, and Bart.

So this starts off with an explanation as to how FF became Savitar. Essentially in 2020, Future Barry created a ton of time remnants to try and defeat Savitar; Savitar killed all the remnants but one, himself. When Future Barry defeats Savitar, he retreats back into himself until 2024 when Barry comes and visits him; the rest of team flash rejects time remnant Barry because he’s not the real Barry.

Time Remnant Barry is left alone, abandoned, and broken. See, time remnants are part of Barry himself. I like to think about it as another identity within yourself. There is sad Deanna, crazy Deanna, preppy Deanna, and the same can be said for Barry. I have experienced the same experiences in each identity, but I may express myself differently depending on how I’m feeling.

THIS Time Remnant Barry was Broken Barry; all the worst parts of himself with all his suffering and loss, it broke him. The only way for him to escape this pain is to eliminate the original thing that broke him; Iris.

So Cisco comes up with the idea that if FF remembers everything Barry does because he lived it, then they need to stop Barry from making new memories. Since Caitlin is still Killer Frost, Cisco decides he’s just gonna wing it and causes flash to forget everything, not just the short term memory. Barry trusts no one but Iris at first but accepts everyone since they all are helpful and know him so well.

I think Bart is the third side of Barry that makes appearances but never stays; Bart is so happy and free of the suffering Barry has had. Bart wants to know if Iris and him are planning their wedding and he likes learning about himself through everyone. While Cisco, Tom, and Killer Frost work vigorously to fix Barry’s memory, Iris is secretly hoping it doesn’t come back so Bart can stay light.

The funny thing about time is this: it’s a real bitch and so are it’s consequences.

Since Barry remembers nothing, Savitar remembers nothing. BUT that means that Kid Flash loses his powers since Savitar doesn’t remember Flashpoint and therefore never has his idea to give Wally his speed. (Wally doesn’t seem to mind losing his powers if it means Iris stays alive, which reminded me of last season when Wally was taken by Zoom so Barry gave up his powers without second thought if it meant Wally lived). It also makes Caitlin put up a fight with Killer Frost, something that didn’t happen before.

Barry was called to testify on a case while suffering from amnesia and royally f**ked up. Without his expert opinion the criminal walks free. This criminal then goes and set a building on fire the second he is let go.

Bart has to save the day but doesn’t know how to properly use his powers and without Kid Flash, the team resorts to trying to jog Bart’s memory with a electric jolt to the brain. It doesn’t immediately work but with the fuel there, they just need a spark. Iris tells him about how they fell in love and the death of his mother. Its a tear-worthy moment and it makes him remember.

Since he remembers, so does Savitar and Kid Flash gets his powers back. Together Kid Flash and Flash save everyone in the burning building.

The other plot is the scientist is working on the device that locks Savitar in the speed force; she makes a breakthrough but needs a lot of energy to do it, apparently an energy source from another planet, so Flash will go there next week.

4.5/5 Stars

Barry= current Barry

Future Barry= 2024 Barry

Future Flash/ Time Remnant Barry = Savitar

Bart = current Barry with Amnesia

KF = Killer Frost


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