Designated Survivor: Bombshell

I officially have a love-hate relationship with this show! I love the show but I hate the massive freakin’ cliffhanger each episode ends on.

So the last episode had me questioning if Jason Atwood really was dead or if he was smart enough to have a bulletproof vest on in the field. While we were provided with the ring as evidence of his demise I still think he’s alive because apparently anything is possible.

so we know that N.V.W.S. has something major planned in the ropes with all their bombs and transportation at the beginning of the episode. We know that Patrick Lloyd, the alt-right leader, is a high ranking (if not the founder) of Pax Americana, the manifesto that all these people follow. We know that the video surveillance guy is in on it because we saw him conversing with Patrick Lloyd.

With the announcement of Hookstraten becoming Secretary of Education, we know that Aaron is out of a job again. Side-bar — high-key Aaron is just trying to keep a good, fast-paced job and everyone keeps ruining this for him on top of him and Emily exploring their flirtations which makes me sad cause everyone knows I love Aaron.

President Kirkman and Seth take Air Force One to the NATO meeting hoping to discuss nuclear costs and how to reduce them by negotiating with Russia and decreasing their presence. Everyone was excited to discuss this only to have stupid Abe run that article about Al-Sakar not being responsible for the attack on capital hill.

Emily, Seth, and President Kirkman scramble for damage control (Olivia Pope anyone?) but the discussion about nuclear influence is put off til next year’s NATO.

Hannah Wells is still very much captured but was able to get a mayday call out before being re-captured. Her homie John is on a blood-thirsty hunt to find and save her before the kill or torture her. The coastguard finds her and searches the vessel.

My heart was beating ’cause I swore they would not find her.

They open all the huge cargo carriers but one that is welded closed.

It then flashes to Hannah surrounded by the bombs they found in North Dakota.

Then John orders his agents to blow it.

Then Hannah is scrambling to open the door.

I myself was wondering why in the hell wasn’t she screaming or banging on the walls of the cargo carrier if she could hear them making all this noise? I was like “you are gonna get everyone killed by not shouting out ‘stop, there’s a bomb in here!'”

John presses the button the blow open the carrier.

My heart stops.

Hannah crawls out of a car to look back at the bomb.

I can breathe again thank god.

John sees an empty carrier.

Hannah sees a time start to count down from 3 minutes.

Oh Shit, holds breath hoping for no credits.

Run credits.

I’m literally done.

These are the type of endings that make me hate this show and also makes me come back for more.

This is the type of cliffhangers they left you on 24, a show Kiefer Sutherland was part of the main cast for as well so.

I do want to say though that I wish everyone was not sleeping on this information; this organization is planning to dismantle and destroy current America and start a new one that follows their alt-right ideas. See any parallels?

4.6/5 Starts 


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