13 Reasons Why: Tape 1 Side A

I broke a promise to myself!!!

I always love reading the books before I watch a show or a movie that is based off of the book in question but the previews and concept made me want to watch it regardless.

So I did.

I’m watching 13 Reasons Why with my mom and if you have someone in your life that asks 1000 questions during a 50 minute show, then you know what its like to watch anything with my mother.

At first I was confused about why Clay’s friend would have a Walkman even if he prefers music on cassettes (cassettes are for the car and Walkmans are too bulky and fussy for everyday use in society today) but then Clay got cassette tapes and was having the hardest time trying to find something to play the tapes on. ALSO, his friend knew he was there to steal the Walkman; Clay shows up for “no reason” and stays there for less that 3 minutes? He came there to get something for sure.

“I bet you he done already heard the tapes from that girl, that’s why he has a Walkman” (#Susanquotes) goes my mom when Clay rides his bike, carelessly I might add, to the first stop involving Justin.

Side A is the classic example of modern thoughts about what happens in high school. New girl falls for bad boy, new girl catches feelings and get vulnerable for one moment, new girl gets played and betrayed. This however makes it no less tragic since this is a tale that actually happens in real life. And while his friends concocted this fantasy story as to what happened between the two of them, Justin himself is responsible for the picture and the “unwritten code” of (non)confirmation.

Side note/ prediction: I think Clay is important to the story because Clay liked her and Hannah liked him but Clay was oblivious and all the different stories about her tarnished her good girl image for him. Like Clay was the only one she could be her true self around and he gave up on her. I also think the Asian Girl* has already heard the tapes.

I really love the dual story-telling going on, the story within a story by two characters in the story. It will make for memorable moments and memorable twists.

I’m excited the see the next episode but its not something where I had to see the next episode or die. One thing is for sure; she better be really dead at the end of this, the dead girl is actually alive and was just testing your love/ devotion twist is outplayed.

4.0/5 stars

* Will change insensitive name once I learn it in the next episode. 


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