Designated Survivor : The End of the Beginning Recap and Review

One of my favorite new shows is back at it again with the twists and turns.

We’ve got to talk about the elephant in the room! This episode had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to finish and the surprise murder suicide at the end of the episode has me f**ked up as to what could possibly come next in the episode next week. Who would’ve thought that McLeish would die so early?

And who on Earth would’ve thought McLeish’s wife would be the one to do it! And silence herself while she was at it!

This episode really is the end of the beginning, of the series that is. Everything that has been building up over the past 12 episodes have been completely erased with the death of two of the most important people connected to the conspiracy.

This episode starts off with the president still recovering from his gunshot wound and Agent Wells is not only no longer imprisoned but is exposing the Vice President to Kirkman. Kirkman no longer trusts Peter and is on a hunt to get real proof of his treason. Meanwhile, Agent Wells brings a trusted legal advisor on to their investigation team and pays a visit to our residential black person Jason Atwood (we haven’t seen him in several episodes). He says he’s not helping no one until they find his son Luke. (Everyone forgot that Luke existed until he said something).

Agent Wells finds the weakest link in their blood brother army pact group and shakes him, enough for him to contact the Captain (McLeish) and wanting to meet with him. Peter’s wife advises against it but alpha McLeish overrules her and goes.

The FBI, remembering that Luke existed and was missing, goes out and finds Luke within hours of remembering they were supposed to be looking for him. Too little too late, seeing that Luke was found dead by the lake. Atwood only took the fall to protect his son but with his son’s death he retracted his statement and the Bureau let him go home to his wife to mourn.

Later that night monster McLeish has a morbid meeting with Weakest Link in the cemetery only to confess he lied under oath to congress. The meeting was a trap; the FBI had what they needed to arrest him and tried to until Weakest Link attacked Agent Wells. Coward McLeish went running until Wells caught up to him.

His wife knew the meeting was a trap and tried to tell McLeish but he didn’t answer his phone; she grabbed her keys and drag-raced to the cemetery.

She had a gun to Agent Wells’ back.

The gun went off.

Agent Wells is standing.

Peter McLeish falls lifeless to the ground.

Agent Wells turns.

Peter’s wife turns the gun on herself.

Agent Wells starts to run towards her but the gun goes off again.

Both McLeishs are on the ground.

Chaos ensues.

We as viewers and the characters are back at square one; everyone we know in this plot is dead and where do we even go from here?

The side plot of this episode is going to be relevant to next week’s episode I guarantee it. They are slowly trying to frame Aaron and drive a wedge between Aaron and Hannah, a relationship I was excited to see unfold.

Next week’s episode will be interesting and I will be tuning in to watch.

4.5/5 stars 


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