The Magicians Season 2 Premier


So I Netflix binged Season one of the Magicians, making me current with the show. I really hate being current because I just have to know what’s next and I hate waiting a week in-between episodes, but then again, that’s a personal problem.  everyone is alive. Overall I liked the season two premier; its full of magnificent color and driving plot lines.

At the end of season 1, the show portrays the two rape survivors as the villains but I like how this episode shows delves not only deeper into each of their psyche but draws a line of distinction between the two survivors. Martin literally destroyed his “shade” (the humane part of your soul, the part that makes you feel) to move past his rape whereas Julie is willing to keep hers for the sake of her humanity. I feel like she may back out of her deal with Martin because she is choosing to keep her shade.

Quentin, Alice, Margo, and Elliot are crowned the Kings and Queens of Fillory, with Elliot being High King. Its reminiscent of Narnia but not in a bad way. Fast-forward to the end of the episode where Elliot and the rest of their squad have to part ways. Elliot can never leave Fillory and they all understand he may have to wait around a lifetime for them to return for battles and visits.

This episode fulfills the need to know what happens next and leaves you excited for the upcoming season. So far, this season is on my must watch list.

4.5/5 stars

Best Line: “If you squeeze my ass a little, I’ll feel better. ” – Elliot


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